Geoff Golovsky

5287507366BAC5BAFDDEB50D8E92088BVet HQ was a dream of mine for many years. On Boxing Day 2006 we opened our doors for the first time. This year we will be celebrating 8 years of Veterinary Service to the Eastern Suburbs, what a ride it has been. My wife and I still joke about the first staffing decision we made – 2 nurses not one. Now with a full time team of 16 and an even bigger part time and casual team Vet HQ has exceeded all of my expectations.

It is with thanks to everyone on my team that we continue to provide you our clients with highest quality pet care and be an integral link in the bond with your pet. Several years ago the team came up with some core values that dictate the way we go about our work.

These are:

  • We provide your pets with the highest standard of professional and ethical Veterinary care
  • We offer a complete, balanced and individualised health care service to you and your pets
  • We provide supportive and clear communication to you
  • We maintain the highest level of learning and continuous education for staff and clients

What and about me? I grew up here in the heart of the Eastern Suburbs. I am an Old Boy of Bellevue Hill Public School as well as an Old Cranbookian. I graduated with honours from Sydney University in 1998. My first job was in mixed animal practice on the South Coast of NSW. I then went to Thailand and worked as a Veterinarian at the University of Khon Kaen on an AUSAID/AYAD development program. After that I worked in London for 2 years. Upon return to Sydney I spent three years at North Shore Veterinary Hospital ( Specialist Hospital and Emergency Centre) refining skills to be able to accomplish my Memberships in Small Animal Surgery.

I have a keen area of interest in Surgery of all shapes and sizes. However my passion as most of you know is my general practice talking with people (often too much) and having a laugh.

When I am not at work I get to spend time with my growing family. My wife Tammy and I have been very lucky to have 2 wonderful boys Zac and Sol who keep us entertained. Of course you all know Snap the goofy blond boof head dog of ours that makes the family complete (although my wife may say not quite!).

I hope to see you all soon.

Caryn Wun

A0ECA832200AEEA5A2C71FFCE7E6005BHi, my name is Caryn Wun.

I have been a vet for 21 years. I started my career in mixed practice working with dogs, cats, horses, farm animals and wildlife on the Mid North Coast of NSW and in the United Kingdom. For the past 15 years I have been exclusively a Small Animal Veterinarian in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. I have a particular interest in internal medicine, disease processes and treatment; successfully completing two post graduate courses through the University of Sydney. I am also interested in animal behaviour.

I am in love with my gorgeous Maltese terrier cross, ‘Marlo’ and enjoy being entertained by the antics of my deaf cat, ‘Moo’. I look forward to meeting all the Vet HQ clients and their pets.

Tammy Poon

BEB646728A952DD8FB155FB28CC728DAHi, my name is Tammy Poon.

I graduated from the University of Sydney in 2010. I have worked in the animal industry for the last 8 years including volunteer work at Taronga Zoo and nursing in a clinic on the lower north shore. Whilst I enjoy all aspects of veterinary practice, my keen interests are in dermatology and surgery. I am the proud owner (read: slave) to a lovely beagle Coco and a rescued cat Kiki who keep me entertained on my time off from VetHQ.

Nicky Goldberg

35669BD6558A32501E7F029207238CE8Hi, my name is Nicky Goldberg.

I graduated with merit from the University of Sydney in 2012. For four years I worked at VetHQ in dog day care, reception and as a nurse and couldn’t be happier to now be working here as a full time veterinarian. Having spent a significant proportion of my university years with my arm up a cows you-know-what, I’m enjoying settling back into the eastern suburbs where I’ve grown up and working with the animals I love and am most passionate about. I have a keen interest in surgery and like the challenge of difficult cases. In my spare time I enjoy playing sport, in particular touch football and walking my two spoiled miniature schnauzers, Rocky and Chelsea.

Troy Jackson

Hi, my name is Troy Jackson.

I’m originally from England, having previously completed a degree in Biology from Cardiff University (where I focused on cancer research), I subsequently graduated with honours from the Royal Veterinary College London. I moved to Australia two years ago and am in love with the culture and way of life I’ve experienced over here. I have a keen interest in internal medicine, ophthalmology and emergency and critical care and am excited to be working at Vet HQ. I am slave to my rescue British Shorthair cat; Tobias, even though his loyalty lies with my partner, who supposedly dislikes cats but can always be found snuggling up to him! In my spare time I enjoy bush walking, surfing and camping.

I look forward to meeting you all!

Alyssa Carter

643E917EF6A23B3D41A9EDD09BC534CEHi, my name is Alyssa Carter.

I have been working in the veterinary industry since 1998, started working at Vet HQ in 2009 and am now the practice manager (I speak fluent Geoff). I love working with animals so much so that even my allergies cannot hold me back! Whenever I am caught in reception I never turn down the chance to say hello to my furry clients. I own 3 four-legged children (Buzz and Annie the cats and Pixel the Jack Russel cross Staffie) and 1 two-legged child called Nyah.

Jenn Dodd

1DC4F414A7830D4A313AC7CB81D120CCHi, my name is Jenn Dodd.

Before moving to Sydney 4 years ago I completed a Diploma in Animal Care in the UK. I started in the industry back in 2010 as an animal attendant, dog groomer and trainer at a Sydney based Doggy Day Care. I started at Vet HQ as part of the reception team in February 2013 and as the regular clients and other staff members will tell you I am a crazy dog lady! I have a particular interest in K9 behaviour which I hope to pursue in the future .

Elle Wright

51AB40D51E41B4D5C963721E40CB5E7DHi, my name is Elle Wright.

I have been working for Vet HQ since mid-2013. My background pre-Vet HQ has been focused on customer relations. I made my move into the animal care industry by enrolling into a certificate four in veterinary nursing. I have grown up with animals of all shapes and sizes and currently have a beautiful moodle called Max and a cat called Miles. Both are rescued pets which is something I am very passionate about. I love meeting and greeting our beautiful patients and their owners. In my spare time I play netball, continue my studies and enjoy travelling.

Annabelle Selleck

020ED0087DA3716535958A674AFCCD56Hi, my name is Annabelle Selleck.

Kate Fahy

D2E91F6DAC5106134ABB6BE7303CC236Hi, my name is Kate Fahy.

I am head veterinary nurse at Vet HQ. I have been a veterinary nurse for the past 17 years. In this time I have worked in private practices and also at the University of Sydney where I spent four years in the anaesthetic department. I am the proud owner of two moggies called ‘Fattie’ and ‘Harley’ who take over my house.

Sonja Marksteiner

825C2999E6F964980D3EFF425E4F78ABHi, my name is Sonja Marksteiner.

I have been crazy about animals for as long as I can remember, preferring the company of furry little creatures over most other things. I have come to my dream job here at Vet HQ via a few detours (various other jobs) and love being part of the veterinary nursing team. I started out as an animal attendant in November 2007 and completed my Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in January 2009. I am looking forward to a long career in animal care. I am owned by a lovely Tortie called ‘Friddles’ who has been queen of the castle for almost eighteen years.

Jenna Luskey

8586A123698F60297BD40F8975A204EAHi, my name is Jenna Luskey.

I’ve had a life long passion for working with animals. I’ve been a vet nurse for over ten years and started work at Vet HQ in 2013. I have completed a Diploma in Veterinary Nursing in Critical Care & Emergency Medicine. I have three cats, one dog and a flock of birds at home.

Mariko Shimizu

191A542AB037F5DBC09919EE3BAB8A51Hi, my name is Mariko Shimizu.

I am a grooming assistant and vet nurse at Vet HQ. I have been a grooming assistant since 2012 and a vet nurse for nearly nine years. I am originally from Japan and have worked as a vet nurse in Japan and Vancouver, Canada. I really enjoy working with animals and that was my life time dream. I have joined the team at Vet HQ in 2012.

Kristina Karlsson

3AD02DC2A800B56002F18865A7D8B7E4Hi, my name is Kristina Karlsson.

I have been working at Vet HQ as an animal attendant in Dog Day Care since November 2011 and I’m loving it! Recently I finished my Animal Studies Certificate II and my ambition is to become a vet nurse. Originally I’m from Sweden and there I’ve worked with many different types of animals like horses, cows, sheep, pigs, cats, dogs and rabbits. I came to Australia at the start of 2010, and to work here at Vet HQ is a dream come true!

Tessa Carroll

3129F310F01A28BCA9E3289603740582Hi, my name’s Tessa Carroll. I started working at Vet HQ in 2012 after finishing high school a few months earlier. I have grown up surrounded by pets including dogs, cats, mice, ferrets, snails, axolotls- you name it! Throughout my senior high school years, I worked as an animal attendant every weekend at the Animal Welfare League which helped to confirm that working with animals was my passion and what I want to do for the rest of my life. I have completed my Certificate II in Animal studies and am close to completing my Certificate IV in Vet Nursing. I will then be studying a course in pet nutrition. When I’m not at work, my favourite thing to do is spend quality time with my dog, Charlie and my cat, Sebastian.

Ainslie Maher

0314C11C8CA0B7EAA5071224A385E645Hi, my name is Ainslie Maher.

I have worked with animals for the past 10 years in rolls such as vet nursing, animal attendant at various kennes/vets, and working as a horse riding instructor and trainer. I have a Certificate III in animal studies and have been training with captive animals at Taronga zoo for the past two years. I love my job at Vet HQ and hope to continue my studies by gaining a Certificate IV in vet nursing in the future.

Caitlyn Wright


Amy Buttler


Kristie Ashworth


Michelle Minter


Kay Tam

kayMy name is Kay Tam. I’m from Hong Kong and I have 12 years of experience in pet grooming. I am an Asian style expert groomer of all breeds, such as Poodle, Bichon, Schnauzer, Pomeranian, Maltese, Fox Terrier, Cavoodle and many other styles. I love working as a groomer because a new clip and style can make your pet feel more amazing and beautiful. I joined Vet HQ in June 2015 and have already fallen in love with so many of my furry clients.