Management Team

Geoff Golovsky – Director

Vet HQ was a dream of mine for many years. On Boxing Day 2006 we opened our doors for the first time. This year we will be celebrating 12 years of Veterinary Service to the Eastern Suburbs, what a ride it has been. My wife and I still joke about the first staffing decision we made – 2 nurses not one. Now with a full time team of 37 in Double bay and 5 in Darlinghurst, Vet HQ has exceeded all of my expectations.

It is with thanks to everyone on my team that we continue to provide you our clients with highest quality pet care and be an integral link in the bond with your pet. Several years ago the team came up with some core values that dictate the way we go about our work.

These are:

  • We provide your pets with the highest standard of professional and ethical Veterinary care
  • We offer a complete, balanced and individualised health care service to you and your pets
  • We provide supportive and clear communication to you
  • We maintain the highest level of learning and continuous education for staff and clients

And what about me? I grew up here in the heart of the Eastern Suburbs. I am an Old Boy of Bellevue Hill Public School as well as an Old Cranbookian. I graduated with honours from Sydney University in 1998. My first job was in mixed animal practice on the South Coast of NSW. I then went to Thailand and worked as a Veterinarian at the University of Khon Kaen on an AUSAID/AYAD development program. After that I worked in London for 2 years. Upon return to Sydney I spent three years at North Shore Veterinary Hospital ( Specialist Hospital and Emergency Centre) refining skills to be able to accomplish my Memberships in Small Animal Surgery.

I have a keen area of interest in Surgery of all shapes and sizes. However my passion as most of you know is my general practice talking with people (often too much) and having a laugh.

When I am not at work I get to spend time with my family. My wife Tammy and I have been very lucky to have 2 wonderful boys Zac and Sol, and daughter Talia who keep us entertained. Of course you all know Snap the goofy blond boof head dog of ours that makes the family complete (although my wife may say not quite!).

I hope to see you all soon.

Kate Fahy – HR Manager

I am the HR manager at Vet HQ. I have been in the veterinary industry for 25 years and at Vet HQ going on 10 years. Born and bred in the eastern suburbs, I have worked in multiple small animal practices including working at the University of Sydney Vet Teaching Hospital. I started at Vet HQ as head veterinary nurse when there were 9 staff members. Since then the practice has grown and between the two practices we now have 40+ staff members. I decided to do a degree in HR and I now deal with the staff on a daily basis.

I am the proud owner of a rabbit called Princess Sophia Bananahammock and a cat called Meesha, both who were strays that I adopted through the practice.

Megan Livingston – Executive Assistant

Hi my name is Megan Livingston

I’ve been working in the veterinary industry for the past 12 years as a Business Manager. I came across to Vet HQ in 2018 as Geoff’s Executive Assistant, and I am loving my new role. I’m passionate about animal welfare and am the proud owner of 3 cats – Moo, Milly and Emmy. Moo and Milly I both hand raised from when they were 7 days old. They are now happy and healthy 3 year old bundles of mischief. In my spare time I enjoy running, HIIT, cooking and reading.


Dr. Caryn Wun – Senior Vet

A0ECA832200AEEA5A2C71FFCE7E6005BHi, my name is Caryn Wun.

Hi, my name is Caryn Wun. I graduated as a Veterinarian from Sydney University almost 30 years ago. After starting my Veterinary career in Port Macquarie in mixed practice, then working in the UK, I have spent the last 22 years working exclusively for the pets of the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. During that time I have amassed a great deal of clinical experience in the diseases seen both locally and nationally. I have completed two post graduate courses in Internal medicine and one in radiology and continue to stay abreast of current changes and updates in Veterinary medicine with interest and enthusiasm. I have a keen interest in Internal Medicine, dentistry, radiology and animal behaviour. I am committed to the ongoing development of younger Vets through the Sydney University Mentor program. During my spare time I like to stay fit, swimming, running and pretending to surf. I love food, cooking, my little furry friend Marlo and my wonderful husband Frank.

Dr. Nicky Goldberg

35669BD6558A32501E7F029207238CE8Hi, my name is Nicky Goldberg.

I graduated with merit from the University of Sydney in 2012. I’ve been part of the Vet HQ family since 2008 when I started working as a student and have always been passionate about the health of animals.

After completing a year-long post-graduate course in Small Animal Medicine through Sydney University, I attained my membership to the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists by examination. During this period, I spent time with and was mentored by a number of specialists and have been able to bring many new skills, experience and knowledge to general practice at Vet HQ.

I enjoy the challenge of complex medical cases, dermatology, soft tissue surgery and my role in mentoring our newer vets and educating our wonderful nurses.

In my spare time I enjoy exercising and spending time with my husband, son and 2 very spoiled miniature schnauzers, Rocky and Chelsea.

Dr. Tony Knapp

Hi, My name is Tony, I graduated with distinction from Liverpool university in the UK in 2010, I spent 3 years working in the Lancashire hills before moving to Australia in late 2013. I worked in Penrith for 2 years before settling closer to home at VetHQ in 2016.

I have an interest in cardiology, soft tissue surgery and feline medicine, the latter in no small part due to my 2 little terrors at home Luna and Malachi who managed to worm their way in on a fostering gone wrong (aren’t you meant to give foster animals back?!)

In my own time I love to travel, I am a mediocre climber, dangerously experimental baker and compulsive winter knitter.

Dr. Karmen Fong

Hi I’m Karmen. I graduated from University of Sydney in 2016, and have spent the last 3 years working at Doyalson Animal Hospital. I have 2 adopted greyhounds and I love surgery! I look forward to meeting you and looking after your pets.

Dr. Jessica Green (Darlinghurst)

Dr. Jessica Green will be heading up the VetHQ Darlinghurst Team. Jess Graduated from the University of Sydney in 2008. She has worked in New York, Melbourne- and now is finally back Sydney where she was born and bred. She is a motivated, dynamic veterinarian with a special interest in top level medicine. She has completed further education in internal medicine through the University of Sydney and is sitting her membership exams in 2018. Jess is really excited about managing her own practice and excited to become an integral part of the pet loving community in Darlo. In her spare time she loves to spend time with family and friends, travel and hit the beach. Often you’ll find her enjoying the cafes and shops around the Victoria street clinic with the apple of her eye – a geriatric 3 legged rescue Chihuahua named Foxy-Lupe, who she saved from euthanasia as a senior pet.

Dr. Cara Rinaldi (Darlinghurst)

Hi, I’m Cara. I was born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland, and studied at the University of Glasgow Vet school for 5 years, graduating in 2008. My first job as a new graduate vet was in the wilds of North Yorkshire, England, where I treated all creatures great and small. After 3 years of countryside life, it was time to explore the world and I went on a globetrotting adventure, travelling and also doing voluntary vet work in both India and Thailand.

I landed in Australia in 2012, and have lived here ever since. I worked a locum position in a mixed practice close to Melbourne for 6 months, then settled in Sydney and have been serving the pets of the Eastern suburbs and inner city for the last 6 years. My areas of interest include dentistry, internal medicine, and diagnostic imaging.

I love the Darlo clinic- such a vibrant, eclectic mix of people and pets, it’s so much fun! I feel very privileged to be part to the wonderful community of Darlinghurst.

In my free time, I meditate and study the Dharma, as I am a practicing Buddhist. I’m also engaged with climate activism, and feel it’s part of my duty as a human being to help the planet as well as my patients. Travelling in my campervan and seeing the beauty of Australia keeps me grounded in between juggling a busy city life.

I have a passion for Italian cooking and love to spend time with my friends and family, appreciating the times I get back home to Scotland.

Dr. Adam Marques (Locum)

Hi, I’m Adam. I’m an enthusiastic veterinarian with over 10 years experience scattered over Portugal, UK, USA, and Australia. Have been living and working for the past 5 years in the Eastern suburbs.

If you’re wondering my accent is Portuguese. I live with my wife, our 2 baby twins and Lulu our Kelpie. My interested are multiple, professionally surgery in dogs and cats in my focus with Membership in Surgery by the ANZCVS. Outside work I am weak surfer (kook), very average golfer, good kitesurfer and scuba diver and great entertainer amongst friends at the local pub. P.s: I have lost a bit of hair since that last picture

Dr. Liz Woods

Liz Woods

Bio coming soon.

Customer Service Representatives

Meghan Kope – Receptionist

Bio coming soon…

Kayleigh Leadbetter – Receptionist

Bio coming soon…

Deborah Joyce – Receptionist

Bio coming soon…

Danje Malan – Receptionist

Bio coming soon…

Veterinary Nurses Double Bay

Jenna Luskey

8586A123698F60297BD40F8975A204EAMy name is JJ. I am a senior nurse at Vet HQ. I have been at Vet HQ since 2013. I have been a nurse for over 13years, I have always had a passion for animals. I have completed a Diploma in Veterinary Nursing in Critical Care & Emergency Medicine. I have five cats and one dog.

Elle Wright

51AB40D51E41B4D5C963721E40CB5E7DHi, my name is Elle Wright.

I have been working for Vet HQ since mid-2013. My background pre-Vet HQ has been focused on customer relations. I made my move into the animal care industry by enrolling into a certificate four in veterinary nursing. I have grown up with animals of all shapes and sizes and currently have a beautiful moodle called Max and a cat called Miles. Both are rescued pets which is something I am very passionate about. I love meeting and greeting our beautiful patients and their owners. In my spare time I play netball, continue my studies and enjoy travelling.

Tessa Carroll – Nurse/Receptionist

3129F310F01A28BCA9E3289603740582Hi, my name’s Tessa Carroll. I started working at Vet HQ in 2012 after finishing high school a few months earlier. I have grown up surrounded by pets including dogs, cats, mice, ferrets, snails, axolotls- you name it! Throughout my senior high school years, I worked as an animal attendant every weekend at the Animal Welfare League which helped to confirm that working with animals was my passion and what I want to do for the rest of my life. I have completed my Certificate II in Animal studies and am close to completing my Certificate IV in Vet Nursing. I will then be studying a course in pet nutrition. When I’m not at work, my favourite thing to do is spend quality time with my dog, Charlie and my cat, Sebastian.

Kate Blake

Photo and bio coming soon.

Katerina Rich

Hi! My name is Katerina Rich.

I have recently started working here at Vet HQ as a trainee nurse. I have completed my Certificate II in Animal Care and am now not far out from completing my Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

Working with animals is my passion, and I was inspired to move into the industry by my role model David Attenborough. A fun fact about me, I have a tattoo of a honey bee dedicated to David Attenborough and his name is David Atten-bee-rough!

I have a dog named Totti and a bird named Pablo of my own, and I’m a huge lover of all the big breed canines and all the big kisses they give me!

In my spare time, I love to eat and explore rainforests and national parks!

Mariko Shimizu

191A542AB037F5DBC09919EE3BAB8A51Hi, my name is Mariko Shimizu.

I am a Veterinary Nurse at Vet HQ. I have been a grooming assistant since 2012 and a vet nurse for nearly nine years. I am originally from Japan and have worked as a vet nurse in Japan and Vancouver, Canada. I really enjoy working with animals and that was my life time dream. I have joined the team at Vet HQ in 2012.

Veterinary Nurses Darlinghurst

Ness Denning – Veterinary Nurse

Bio coming soon…

Samantha Lintott – Veterinary Nurse

Hi my name is Sam Lintott

I have recently joined the team at Vet HQ Darlinghurst as a Veterinary Nurse.

I have over 8 years’ experience in the veterinary industry and have worked in the eastern suburbs of Sydney and overseas in the United Kingdom where I lived for 3 years.

I love being a Veterinary Nurse and particularly enjoy bonding with patients and their owners.

Outside of work I love to travel, I have visited 25 countries around Asia and Europe and love seeing wild animals in their natural habitats.

Georgia McCarthy – Trainee Nurse

Hi, my name is Georgia McCarthy,

I started my Veterinary Nursing education at Vet HQ just over a year ago as a trainee nurse. I have completed my Certificate II in Animal Studies and am now not far off from graduating from my Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

Ever since a young age I have had a passion for animals, bringing home weird and wonderful animals that needed care. I am passionate about conservation and the environment, my favourite animal is an Orangutan, and one day I hope to visit The Orangutan Sanctuary in Borneo.

I have a dog at home called Vinnie, as well as a rescue racehorse called Jack who lives out in the Hawkesbury area, I rescued him when I was 15 years old and he has been enjoying his retirement ever since! In my spare time I enjoy exploring nature walks around Sydney with Vinnie, and travelling absolutely anywhere! I love my job and feel so blessed to find a career that truly matches my passion.

Day Care and Animal Attendants

Kristie Ashworth

Hi I’m Kristie, I started working at Vet Hq in 2015, my roles at Vet HQ are managing our beautiful cattery and doggy day care.

I have completed my Animal Studies Cert 2, Companion Animal Studies Cert 4 and a diploma in Crazy Cat Lady Studies.

I have 2 cats named Tilly and Tofu and in my spare time I do pole dancing for fitness!

Sara Tooley

Photo and bio coming soon.

Caitlyn Wright

Bio coming soon…