32B4DA785DFBA7C8E721E9C82A648346As you are no doubt aware there is no medicare for animals and unfortunately the costs of medicine and surgery are escalating. To help you decide which insurance policy best meets your requirements we have compiled a comparison chart of all major insurance providers.

The document is available at reception upon request. If you have any questions then please call and discuss them with any of our staff.

Did you know that you can insure your pets for accident and illness. Depending on your frame of mind you can cover up to 80% of the total Veterinary costs or have a fixed excess per condition (ranging from $100-$500). At Vet HQ we strongly encourage privet health insurance for your pets as accidents and illness occurs far more often than we really want it to occur. The days of Charity Veterinary Work have disappeared. Not even the RSPCA will perform care on owned animals and will only perform emergency stabilisation and pain relief on stray animals.

Who do I recommend?  You are more than welcome to contact us to receive an insurance comparison table. Otherwise I would follow the following three questions:

1. Have you got private health insurance with HCF or Medibank Private?

If so you get a discount on policies that have a fixed excess of 20%. You should check with your insurance provider as some companies like Alliance have Pet Policies that you may be eligible for a discount.

2. Are you worried about big bills or smaller bills?

If big bills like $4000 for a cruciate or $6000 for a spinal surgery worry you then go for a fixed excess amount. The higher the fixed excess the lower the monthly premium. If small bills may cause issues, ie $2-300, then I would recommend the percentage policies as for say $100.00 bill you will receive $80.00 back.

3. Finally what level of cover?

You can go super supreme (like a pizza) and pay an extra $130.00 dollars per year for benefits up to say $140.00 (varies per policy) I don’t see the point. The budget policy, leaves you a bit short should something serious occur, so that leaves us somewhere in the middle. Your choice.

Vet HQ places brochures of several policies in our puppy packs. We do not recommend a single policy. We only believe that you should insure your pets. And don’t worry about the paper work. We do it for you. Give us your policy number and every time you come in all you need to do is fill in a claim form and we will do everything else.