Vet HQ is non-corporate, family run vet practice that provides your pets with the highest quality medical, surgical and preventative health care. We understand that pets are family. We strive to be an integral link between you and your pet. We promise that no one will work harder than us to look after your fur babies.

It’s been 12 years since we opened in the Eastern Suburbs and we are proud to be one of the largest hospitals on the peninsula.

We revised our core values as a team in 2017 and we hold each other responsible for these daily. They are as follows:

  • Together we are more successful
  • We care – every time, all the time
  • We do the best we can
  • We communicate directly, honestly and empathetically
  • We take ownership and we are the solution

Vet HQ has 6 full time veterinarians, 3 part time veterinarians, and 1 dedicated locum.

We have 5 receptionists, 7 qualified veterinary nurses, 3 trainee nurses, 4 animal attendants and 3 groomers.

We have full medical, surgical, radiography, endoscopy, dental and ultrasonic facilities. We have a well equipped in-house laboratory to provide instantaneous information on the health and condition of your pet. We stock a full range of pharmaceuticals as well as a wide variety of complete and balanced veterinary recommended pet food products, and safe treats. We also have a grooming service, dog day care and cat boarding facilities.

Practice History

Vet HQ started on December 27, 2006. My wife and I still comment on the initial decision to employ two nurses instead of one. My mother found the property. Yes it is about time I acknowledged that without my mother I would have nothing. Then the landlords and Council agreed for us to set up. I remember my landlord saying “You have now bitten off more than you can chew. You better chew like mad.

There are three questions that come up when people ask me about what I do and where :

1. Why Double Bay?

Because I was born at Sydney Woman’s Hospital in Paddington. I lived in Bellevue Hill and Point Piper and I was schooled at Bellevue Hill Public and Cranbrook. Why not Double Bay?

2. Why a Vet?

I went through Policeman, Fireman and Astronaut and then from 7 years of age all I wanted to do was be a vet.

3. Why by yourself?

Twice I tried to buy into a partnership and existing business, and twice I was done over by the principle. It was time to do it by myself.

After working at a specialist hospital for 3 years and then prior to that in a Central hospital with nine satellite branches in London for 2 years I was really worried about starting my own place in Double Bay. The business plan was over the first 5 years to invest everything to make the practice what you want it to be. Well we have done that in 4 years and since last year its about really working hard and enjoying it.

My aim is to provide the best sub specialist hospital in the Eastern Suburbs. Come and have a look I think you will be suitably impressed.